Train AI with data in Google Sheets

Test it as formula. Use it as API.

Why Us?

Create AI models without writing code. Switch between architectures and vendors to match your needs:

Use Case Classification Extraction Generation
Example Identify a field in a form such as "Email address" or "Adresse e-mail" as "email". Convert an email message into structured data to fill a form. Answer support questions that users ask about your product via email.
Input Structured data Unstructured content Unstructured content
Output Structured data Structured data Unstructured content
Architecture Embedding Finetuning RAG
Vendors OpenAI, Gemini, Mistral OpenAI, Gemini, Mistral OpenAI, Gemini, Mistral
Cost Low Medium High


Easy data piping & training

Google Sheets is an user-friendly tool for collecting & managing data, making it accessible for users without a technical background. Our addon enhances this capability by allowing you to train AI models directly within Google Sheets. Simply prepare your dataset, train the AI, and view the results instantly through a formula in your spreadsheet. Once you are satisfied with the performance, seamlessly integrate the trained AI model into your application using our API or Genkit API. This empowers you to train high-quality, domain-specific AI without any coding required.

Switch between architectures

Switch between different architectures that suit your use case:

  • Embedding: Use this for tasks like identifying fields in a form, such as recognizing an "Email address".
  • Finetuning: Perfect for converting email messages into structured data to fill forms.
  • RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation): Ideal for generating detailed answers to support questions users ask about your product.

With our addon, you can change your architecture without changing your app even after you go live.

Switch between models

Switch between different AI models from various vendors:

  • Choose the Best Model: Select from a variety of AI models to find the one that best suits your needs, whether it's for classification, extraction, or generation tasks.
  • Optimize for Accuracy and Cost: Evaluate and switch between models to balance accuracy and cost, ensuring you get the best performance for your budget.
  • Easy Integration: No need to rewrite the API. Simply hit the "publish" button in our addon to switch to a different AI vendor seamlessly.

Train AI with your data in Google Sheets