Train AI with data in Google Sheets

Use it as API or autofill Google Forms

Why Us?

AI tools like ChatGPT use natural language to make AI accessible to end-users, but this can create a "black box" effect. We use structured data to make AI decision-making transparent for business users.

With GPT

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High accuracy

With OpenAI, you can identify your customer's industry segment or your product's category by providing a small, high-quality dataset. Now, by using Google Sheets, you can easily create that dataset and train OpenAI for your domain specific usecase.

No code

Google Sheets is an incredibly user-friendly tool for managing data and writing formulas. With our addon, you can use the AI you trained as a formula within Google Sheets and see the results instantly. And the best part? You don't need to be a developer to do it.

Yes to code

Integrate AI into your application with ease - Our API allows you to quickly and easily use the algorithm you trained in your application. Leverage Google Sheets to build and test the AI algorithm, and then integrate it into your application for your users.

Train AI with your data in Google Sheets